Brasilia Opus Sublima Inside 3 Group Tall Cup Espresso Cappucino Coffee Machine

Brasilia Opus Sublima Inside 3 Group Tall Cup Espresso Cappucino Coffee Machine

MPN: Brasilia Opus Sublima Inside R-D-3 Coffee Machine
Product Brand: Brasilia
Product Condition: Used
Excluding VAT: £950.00
Including VAT: £1,140.00
2000 € sin IVA, de nuevo en diciembre de 2009, en perfecto estado de funcionamiento

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Brasilia Opus Sublima interior 3 Grupo de Alto Copa Espresso Cappucino Coffee Machine
En perfecto estado de funcionamiento
Brasilia Opus Sublima Inside 3 Group Tall Cup Espresso Cappucino Coffee Machine
In full working order
Standard 240V

Please note there is some wear on the sides of the machine and on the buttons

  • 1x Brasilia Opus Sublima Inside Coffee Machine
  • 5 x Handles
FAST & CREAMY CAPPUCCINOS Sublima Easy froths milk 30% quicker than other machines with the Hyperwand.

SUPERB THERMAL STABILITY, EVEN AT FULL STEAM POWER The Tempdrive balancing system has 3 levels of temperature control: main boiler, group head and group head balancing boiler. This allows stability of +/- 0.5°C, at the same time retaining full steam pressure.

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY FOR DIFFERENT COFFEE BLENDS Tempdrive allows baristas to independently adjust the temperature of each group head. Hydroactive S2 Architecture allows the full infusion cycle for each group head to be independently controlled.

USER FRIENDLY DISPLAY A simple user interface to monitor and control all brewing parameters.
  • Hyperwand (Sublima Easy only) - an automatic steam arm. Simply place the steam wand in a jug of milk and press steam or froth, set the temperature and within seconds you have perfect milk!
  • Sublima brewing technology, 14 bar brewing pressure for superb extraction.
  • The only machine in the world that uses a multi boiler system with pre infusion.
  • Individual thermal reducers per group head.
  • Seperate swivelling steam arm with twin position lever control and handgrip to protect fingers.
  • Solid die-cast alumimium body.
  • Italian design by Architettura Laboratorio.
  • Fully automatic with controlled volumetric delivery by keypad (plus push button for continuous delivery).
  • Raised group heads allow up to 16oz takeaway cups or tall latte glasses.
  • Retractable cup rests to accommodate standard cup heights.
  • Automatic washing and rinsing cycles.
  • Large capacity stainless steel boiler for continuous dispensing and high volume steam supply.
  • Double display user interface.
  • Automatic boiler water level.
  • Boiler water level gauge.
  • Three volumetric dosing buttons for hot/ tea water via two seperate water outlets.
  • Exclusive design clock.
  • Ergonomically curved group handles.
  • Brew groups can be arranged for combined use with pods (for special blends, decaf and infusions) and ground coffee.


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    Brasilia Opus Sublima Inside R-D-3 Coffee Machine

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