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Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal +Skin rejuvenation Pigmentation System
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Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal +Skin rejuvenation Pigmentation System Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal +Skin rejuvenation Pigmentation System Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal +Skin rejuvenation Pigmentation System Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal +Skin rejuvenation Pigmentation System

Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal +Skin rejuvenation Pigmentation System

Brand: Chromogenex
Product Condition: Used
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Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal +Skin rejuvenation Pigmentation System
Model No: A00-1173
In Very Good Condition and in full working order - has had low usage
  • 1 x Chromogenex Phaser EPL Laser Hair Removal Machine With Keys
Phaser EPL is the biggest innovation in hair removal method and technology for over fifty years. It offers a clinically proven, fast, safe and effective method for removing hair, leaving you with smooth skin every day, so no more waxing or shaving.
Phaser EPL delivers pulses of light into the skin at specific wavelengths which selectively absorb in the melanin pigment in the hair follicle and the vascular network that feeds the germ cells located in the bulge. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively disables the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Once treated, the hairs will gradually slip out over the next seven to ten days leaving the skin smooth and hair free.
It is important to note that IPL hair removal is effective in removing hairs which are in the growing (Anagen) phase. Follicles in the second phase (Catagen) and third phase (Telagen) will not be affected since the dermal papilla is not yet attached to the follicle itself. As a result additional treatments will be required once the dormant hairs reach the Anagen phase.
Smartlite Technology
Smartlite technology is a unique feature, setting new standards in IPL technology and developed exclusively for the Phaser range of products. Smartlite produces high levels of light energy that can be used effectively for the treatment of unwanted hair, skin rejuvenation and active acne.
This unique technology uses a combination of enclosed waveguide and a special reflecting cavity at the rear of the flashlamp source which increases transmission of light energy into tissue significantly compared to a standard IPL.
Proven Treatment Process
Our past hair removal experience with lasers and IPL has clearly demonstrated it is important to destroy both the germ cell (bulge) and hair root (bulb). Smartlite delivers a combination of yellow and red light combined with DPT (Dual Phase Technology) to destroy both structures and increase the efficiency and results.
Dual Phase Technology
Phaser EPL has a unique Dual Phase Pulse which is designed to provide destruction of both the bulge and the bulb for ultimate hair removal results.
The primary phase is a fast rise sculptured pulse allowing 50% of the energy to be transferred to tissue in the optimum time interval to focus on a flowing blood target and ultimately destruction of the bulge. This effect is essential for the removal of finer and lighter coloured hairs. This rapid rise in energy is also extremely effective for the treatment of unwanted pigmentation when used with the appropriate hand piece.
The secondary phase of the pulse is an extended tail of energy to enhance the thermal increase in the hair bulb, without increasing the temperature of the epidermis. This enables the coarser and more stubborn hairs to be treated efficiently.
Phaser EPL also uses a rapid rise 5ms pulse for improved results on fine hair and for the treatment of pigmented lesions the long pulse at 40ms is ideally suited for salon treatments on dark skin types and improved vascular lesions.
Hair removal
Excellent results have been achieved using Smartlite technology, in as little as five treatments.
Photo rejuvenation
Photo rejuvenation is a treatment applied to the face, hands and decolletage improving the overall appearance.
Smartlite technology is ideally suited to this application, and excellent results can be achieved.
The yellow light targets blood vessels causing them to coagulate and collapse, the red light targets unwanted pigmentation, while the combined effect of both red and yellow light stimulates collagen production.
A course of 4 to 6 treatments is recommended to attain significant improvements.
Active acne
Smartlite treatment technology invariably achieves destruction of the porphyrin containing bacterium (P acnes) with its yellow wavelengths of light (535nm). The red wavelengths (610nm) improve results by producing an anti-inflammatory response.
Results can be further improved by using the acne specific filter which increases porphyrin absorption and bacteria destruction with its blue light.
A course of treatments is recommended in order to achieve optimum results.
Ease of use
Phaser EPL has been designed with a user friendly interface, pre-programmed default settings and the capacity for program upgrades. It also allows for direct energy control.
The ergonomic and lightweight hand pieces offer both comfort (thus reducing user fatigue) and excellent visibility for the operator while carrying out treatments.
With a large spot size, fast repetition rate and no requirement for coupling gel, the Phaser EPL is one of the fastest IPL systems in the world.
Actual Spot Size
An average pair of legs can be treated in under 45 minutes!
Treats most skin types
A simple change of hand piece or clip on filter allows Phaser EPL to treat clients with darker skin types.
Treats most hair colours
The innovative Smartlite and Dual phase technology allows all hair types and most hair colours to be treated including fine blonde hair as well as coarse dark stubborn hairs.
Economical and profitable
Phaser EPL is one of the most cost effective systems in today's market, its low purchase cost, negligible consumable costs (each flash lamp is guaranteed for 200,000 pulses), and large treatment head makes Phaser EPL a highly profitable opportunity.
Interchangeable filters
With our new skin contact cooling system Phaser EPL can be used with a range of interchangeable filters. As a result a single universal handpiece is all that is needed to treat a range of applications saving the cost of having to buy a range of handpieces for various applications.
  • Hair removal - peak energy 694nm
  • Hair removal - peak energy 610nm
  • Skin rejuvenation - peak energy 535nm
  • Pigmentation - peak energy 490nm
  • Acne - peak energy 440nm
Safe and effective
Phaser EPL is the result of more than 20 years experience in the medical laser industry. The design has been influenced by our 2000 existing IPL customers worldwide.
Clinical experience has shown that the new dual phase pulse offers results equal to or better than most leading IPL and Laser technologies.
Innovative accessories
The new skin contact cooling system simply clips on to the Phaser handpiece. The cooling head window is chilled to as low as 5 degrees keeping a constant cool skin temperature. This allows maximum patient comfort and use of higher energies whilst protecting the epidermis. It also ensures sufficient cooling without the need for pre treatment ice packs or cool rollers, as a result, speeding up treatment time considerably.
  • Wavelength: Variable depending on hand piece selection.
  • Energy output: 20 Settings up to 150J depending on handpiece selection.
  • Mains power output: 2 KVA (Peak) 300 VA (Average).
  • Spot size: (Universal hand piece) 50mm x 15mm.
  • Energy control: User selectable pre-set programme levels for direct energy control.
  • Pulse duration: 5ms, 20ms sculptured DPT pulse, 40ms
  • Repetition rate: Up to 0.5Hz.
  • Safety: On board self-diagnostics.
  • Classification: Electrical class 1, type B.
  • Dimensions: 44cm X 46cm X 45cm
  • Weight: 29kg.
  • Cooling requirements: Air cooled.
  • Electrical requirements: 240V/8A/50Hz 120V / 10A / 60Hz.
  • Fuses: 8A/10A Ceramic timed.
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