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ESC PhotoDerm VL/PL/HR Vasculight Dermatology Skin IPL Laser Treatment SA2101001
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ESC PhotoDerm VL/PL/HR Vasculight Dermatology Skin IPL Laser Treatment SA2101001 ESC PhotoDerm VL/PL/HR Vasculight Dermatology Skin IPL Laser Treatment SA2101001 ESC PhotoDerm VL/PL/HR Vasculight Dermatology Skin IPL Laser Treatment SA2101001

ESC PhotoDerm VL/PL/HR Vasculight Dermatology Skin IPL Laser Treatment SA2101001

Brand: ESC
Product Condition: Used
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PhotoDerm VL/PL, Vasculight Beauty, Dermatology, Laser Treatment - SA2101001

In good condition and full working order


  • 1 x PhotoDerm Vasculight System
  • 1 x EIZO Flexscan L767
  • 1 x Intense Pulsed Light Power Meter
  • 1 x ESC Sharplan SA2001024 Epilight Photoderm Optical Treatment Head
  • 1 x ESC Sharplan SA136000-A Epilight Photoderm Optical Treatment Head
  • 1 x Selection of Light guides 515-695nm as per photo
  • 2 x Carry Case Head
  • 1 x HP Designjet 400 Printer
The Photoderm is aninnovative machine which emits a very strong, brief flash of non-coherantlight. The technology is extremely flexible which permits us to determine theintensity of treatment for every condition presented. There are three differentmodes, VL, PL, HR, for treating a variety of conditions.

-Spider or Thread Veins on the face or body
-Telangiectasia - Broken Veins
-Port Wine Stains
-"Liver" or "Campbell de Morgan" spots
-Acne Rosacea - Facial Skin disorder resulting from chronic inflammation of thecheeks, nose, chin, forehead and eyelids demonstrated by red discoloration andsometimes acne like eruptions
-Most types of superficial vascular lesions
-Age Spots
-Lentigo - Sun Spots
-Seborrhoeic Keratoses - Benign skin lesions resulting from excessive growth ofthe top layer of skin cells
-Haemosiderin Pigmentation - Dark Staining of the skin usually arising withvaricose vein problems
-Hair removal

From primary care to dermatology this device can provide wonderful ancillaryincome to your practice and broaded the range of patient services offered inyour practice
How it works
This remarkable new machine "zaps" unwanted blood vessels or pigmented areas with a light source similar to a laser. This laser-like device produces a high energy flash of light that passes safely through normal skin. The light is absorbed by blood or pigment and converted into heat within the veins or pigment. The blood vessel or pigmentation is dissolved and then absorbed by the body. The Photoderm® VL / PL does not emit harmful radiation and can be used during pregnancy.
How is it different?
The Photoderm® VL / PL produces and amplifies pulses of multicolored light (compared to a laser which emits one coherent wavelength of light) which is then delivered to the skin. The Photoderm® VL / PL treatment is equally or more effective than a laser, provides less discoloration than lasers and has an equal or better safety profile when compared to lasers.
How long will it take to see results?
One to several treatment sessions may be required to eliminate most lesions. Results become apparent within a few weeks as the unwanted veins or pigmented lesions dissolve and are absorbed by the body. Photographs may be taken to follow the progress of the treatments.
Does it hurt?
The Photoderm® VL / PL treatments feel like a rubber band snapping the skin with a temporary stinging sensation afterwards. The treatment is mildly to moderately uncomfortable. Anesthetic creams can be used for this discomfort if you would prefer. Most patients require no medications for the treatment.
Are there any restrictions?
These treatments should not be used in people with darkly tanned or pigmented skin, those who form keloids (thick scars), and those who heal poorly. Aspirin, high dose vitamin E, and anti-infiammatories, (Motrin, Advil, Naprosyn, etc.,) should be avoided for 10 days prior to treatments. Sun tanning one month before and after treatments should be avoided. The treated areas should be protected with sunscreen or sun avoidance from sunlight or tanning beds until the skin color has returned to normal.
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