Innoventions INN-8668 RAMCheck Memory Tester + DIMMCHEC

Innoventions INN-8668 RAMCheck Memory Tester + DIMMCHEC

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MC9090G Innoventions INN-8668 RAMCheck Memory Tester + DIMMCHECK 144 In very good condition, and in full working order

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Innoventions INN-8668 Features & Benefits Saves you time by quickly testing your m...

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Innoventions INN-8668 RAMCheck Memory Tester + DIMMCHECK 144

In very good condition, and in full working order

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Innoventions INN-8668
Features & Benefits
  • Saves you time by quickly testing your memory on RAMCHECK, not inside your computer.
  • Saves you money by checking and identifying all your expensive inventory of memory modules.
  • RAMCHECK has a 184MHz test engine, parallel data access capability, and state-of-the-art timing circuitry to give you features that were once available only in expensive desktop testers. Its 184MHz test capability translates to 184x2=368MHz DDR, which is more than adequate for today's 333MHz DDR devices!
  • RAMCHECK's modular design and its variety of existing and planned adapters provide you with a broad coverage of today's and future memory technologies.
  • Fully and quickly test today's PC166/150/133 SDRAM technology at actual clock speeds with our 184MHz test engine.
  • Get size, speed, memory type and detailed structure information with a single push of a button. Automatic tests provide full support for SDRAM/EDO/FPM without the need for special setup.
  • Setup and Change-On-The-Fly utilities for user-defined tests and parameters fulfill the requirements of the most advanced users.
  • Upgrade easily with FLASH EPROMs via the Internet.
  • Complete support for Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data, including reading, editing, and programming.
  • Use it as a stand alone tester, or connect it to your PC via the built-in PC serial interface.
  • Snap-in expansion ports for a variety of add-on adapters.
  • Features a Zero-Insertion-Force socket for testing 168-pin DIMMs.
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Universal Switching Power Supply.


Highly modular and user friendly, RAMCheck redefines the capabilities of an affordable and portable ram checker. The newly designed high-frequency test engine and scaleable data interface provides faster tests and gives you a higher resolution of timing measurements. RAMCHECK's architecture has been optimized to better support the memory devices of today and tomorrow. RAMCHECK supports all popular Registered, Unbuffered, ECC and non-ECC Parity DIMMs.

RAMCHECK is the only memory tester that automatically identifies and tests both SDRAM and older EDO/FPM DIMMs on the same 168-pin test socket. Optional RAMCHECK adapters support numerous types of memory devices, including DDR, SO DIMMs, old SIMMs, individual chips, and more.

Using our enhanced proprietary algorithms, RAMCHECK runs a thorough test on today's DDR/SDRAM/EDO/FPM memory modules, testing every memory cell. All chips are tested simultaneously to yield a faster test and to enable the instrument to detect errors that are caused by interference among the chips on the module. RAMCHECK is not merely a go/no-go tester. In fact, it explicitly identifies the faulty bits within a defective module, giving specific pin number information relating to the problem chip. While 100% accuracy in memory testing is technically impossible, RAMCHECK achieves a high degree of accuracy in detecting bad memory devices.

The RAMCHECK package includes:
  • RAMCHECK p/n INN-8668
  • A Universal 240/100VAC Switching Power Supply
  • A Serial Cable


Innoventions INN-8558-7 SIMCheck II Sync DIMMCheck 144 Adapter

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Innoventions INN-8558-7
Features & Benefits:
  • The Sync DIMMCHECK 144 adapter has a proprietary 133MHz SDRAM test engine with enough horsepower to fully and quickly test today's 133MHz SDRAM at actual clock speeds.
  • Supports all popular 144-pin SDRAM and standard EDO/FPM DRAM SO DIMM modules.
  • Automatic test provides size, speed, type, and detailed structure information.
  • Comprehensive Page Burst and Bank Interleave tests, with complex test pattern capabilities.
  • Full SDRAM mode tests, including CAS latency of 1, 2, and 3, sequential/interleave addressing mode, variable burst lengths, and single write mode.
  • Support for Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data, includes reading, editing and programming.
  • Sync DIMMCHECK 144 easily snaps onto the SIMCHECK II or SIMCHECK II se, and is automatically recognized by the tester without the need for user setup.


The new addition to the SIMCHECK II line provides a state-of-the-art solution for testing SDRAM and standard EDO/FPM DRAM 144-pin SO DIMM modules at an affordable price. The new Sync DIMMCHECK 144's patent-pending 133MHz test engine, as well as the SIMCHECK II line's 1nS technology, combine to achieve true 133MHz testing of your SDRAM modules.

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