InteliBrite One IPL Laser Body Hair Removal System Salon Clinic Beauty System

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InteliBriteOne IPL Laser Body & Face Hair Removal System Salon Clinic Beauty System In very good condition and full working order System Features > > InteliPulse Intell...
InteliBriteOne IPL Laser Body & Face Hair Removal System Salon Clinic Beauty System
InteliBrite ONE Laser Hair Removal Machine for IPL Treatments
In very good condition and full working order
System Features >
> InteliPulse Intelligent light delivery software with 5 save files
> Standard iCycle constant skin cooling (adjustable to -2 C)
> Single second, rapid refresh rate for fast treatment
> Single dedicated hair removal handset
> 6.6" full-colour touch sensitive display panel
> Compact chassis and reduced weight for table-top use
The InteliBrite ONE IPL Machine is the beauty industries most effective IPL Machine
1 x IntelibriteOne IPL compact machine
1 x Foot pedal
1 x Patient glasses
2 x Operators safety googles
1 x Training manual

The InteliBrite Laser Hair removal machine deliver great ipl treatment results from the affordable ipl machine to the ipl handset

InteliBrite IPL Treatment images - laser hair removal before & After images
InteliBrite IPL Results
The InteliBrite IPL Machine range deliver unique IPL treatment results, which show the fast and effective outcome. The use of our specialised technology, iCycle Skin Cooling, InteliPulse & Single Second Shot.

Laser Hair Removal Machine Hair Removal Treatments

How Does It Work?
InteliBrite skin treatment of laser hair removal Conditions >
The InteliBrite IPL Machine and treatment is applied to a range of conditions on the face and body to provide rapid & long term results.
Pair free ipl hair removal using 640nm Treatment >
InteliPulse light delivery causes the hair follicle to heat and degrade. Several deliveries of light energy cause permanent hair removal and hair removal.
laser hair removal results Result >
The result of the 'Laser' hair removal treatment application is obvious from the first delivery.
InteliBrite Technology
iCycle Skin Cooling System
iCycle Skin Cooling>

Continuous contact cooling can be adjusted to -4. The iCycle system cools the surface of the skin, reducing the possibility of skin damage & at the same time allowing the delivery of higer energy levels.
> iCycle for Pain Free IPL Treatments <
InteliPulse Customisable IPL Machine
InteliPulse >

Flexibility enables safe and effective treatment of skin types I-V. The InteliPulse combination of adjustable power, pulse width, pulse space and pulse count ensures incredibly targeted treatment.
> InteliPulse for Custom Treatments<
Single Second - Fast Treatment IPL Machine
Single Second >

Rapid refresh rate technology allows the InteliBrite system to continuously deliver a shot of light per second. This dramatically improves treatment time, allowing the operator to cover large areas in less time.
> Single Second for Fast Treatments <

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