Jacarta ZP01UK 6-Port Sensor ZonePod, Environment Alarm System, P/n 1901183042

Jacarta ZP01UK 6-Port Sensor ZonePod, Environment Alarm System, P/n 1901183042

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© AP6.0 Jacarta ZP01UK 6-Port Sensor ZonePod, Environment Alarm System
P/n: 1901183042
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Jacarta ZP01UK 6-Port Sensor ZonePod, Environment Alarm System=

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  • 1 x Jacarta ZP01UK 6-Port Sensor ZonePod, Environment Alarm System, P/n 1901183042
  • 1 x Relay Interface 1M Cable, AS-026107-37
  • 3 x Temperature Sensor 5M Cable
  • 1 x Telephone Cable
  • 1 x Power Adapter

The Jacarta ZonePod is a compact, cost-effective and easy-to-install environmental monitoring alarm system. ZonePod can be used effectively in an extensive range of applications and locations including:

  • IT rooms (SNMP / web adaptor available)
  • Shops
  • Schools / colleges
  • Small and large offices
  • Homes (wine cellars, home offices, larders, washrooms and bathrooms)
  • Warehouses Sports clubs / pavilions
  • Holiday villas / apartments
  • Hotels Public houses / restaurants

Designed for use in IT rooms and data centres as well as retail, office and industrial environments, ZonePod will silently keep watch over your critical locations and provide you with early warning of potential environmental threats.

ZonePod is a feature-rich, versatile, yet cost-effective environmental monitoring and alarm notification system. Equipped with 6 sensor ports, ZonePod can accommodate a number of different sensor types:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Smoke sensor
  • Water leak detectors
  • Power sensor
  • Security sensor
  • Universal (fire alarm panel, security panel etc)

ZonePod alarm notification is provided in the form of voice and text messages to landline and mobile phones. ZonePod can be used wherever environmental threats such as power failure, fire, water leaks, air conditioning failures, security breaches, etc. need to be quickly acted upon. ZonePod can even activate outputs to trigger automated actions when alarms occur.

The standard ZonePod package is supplied with a 12VDC power adaptor and a telephone lead for quick and easy installation. Screw slots are provided so that the ZonePod can be wall-mounted, and "snap-in" sensors can be connected to the underside of the unit.

ZonePod sensors are instantly recognised by the device to minimise installation time, and these sensors can be used in any combination. You can choose to install up to 6 sensors of the same type if you so wish, or a mixture of power, smoke, security, temperature, humidity, water and alarm panel/universal sensors.

LCD Display

ZonePod has an easy to use, menu driven display, enabling you to not only view the sensor status conditions, but also to configure high / low thresholds (for temperature / humidity sensors), disable / enable the voice and SMS alerts and configure the universal sensor if used (normally open / normally closed.)

Voice & Text

Alerts ZonePod can be configured to send up to 10 voice and / or text messages for each alarm. ZonePod can send alarm specific alerts for sensors connected to ports 1, 2 and 3 and a group message for sensors attached to ports 4, 5 and 6.

All alert messages can detail specific ZonePod location information. For example, text messages could read:

Jacarta ZonePod, Comp Room 1, Air Conditioning Failure

Network Connectivity

Our SNMP / web ethernet adaptor can be supplied with ZonePod for remote alarm status monitoring and Email alert notification.

Manufacturer Jacarta
Manufacturer's Part Number ZP01UK
Sensor Ports No
Ethernet Port No
Other No
Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 279 x 197 x 40 mm


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