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LASERBIT Wireless Cable Free-Space Optical-FSO Telecommunication Laser
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LASERBIT Wireless Cable Free-Space Optical-FSO Telecommunication Laser

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LASERBIT Wireless Cable Free-Space Optical-FSO Telecommunication Laser

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  • 1 x LASERBIT Wireless Cable Free-Space Optical-FSO Telecommunication Laser
  • 1 x LASERBIT Outdoor Interconnection unit, LB-ODU-AL-1/230/FO
  • 1 x Free-Space Optical Laser Wall Mount Bracket

LaserBit Communications develops, manufactures and markets Free Space
Optical Systems (FSO). With its completely innovative technology based on
its own patents LaserBit offers point-to-point laser-based optical wireless
transmission solutions providing outstanding performance and reliability.

With LaserBit there is no need to install cables, no rental cost and no licensing requirement.
It is ideal for urban areas or city centers where the use of leased lines is expensive and is
suitable for factories or industrial environments where high noise levels can
interfere with transmitted data. It is the best choice for making connections across rivers
and other natural or artificial obstacles where cables are not available.
Telecommunication companies such as internet service providers, cellular phone or
next generation wireless operators and landline telecom companies can benefit from
using this technology to provide competitive, carrier-class services to their customers.
For corporate users and organizations with multiple facilities LaserBit systems offer
economical and highly effective solution to establish, expand or replace their communication networks.

Compared to other FSO solutions, LaserBit has a product portfolio that is unique of its kind.
It integrates simple and easy to install solutions previously unknown in the FSO industry,
as well as sophisticated systems for custom tailored applications.


  • Free Space, Wireless Communication
  • Full Duplex Wire Speed Connectivity at 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Speed, Distance 10-1000 Metres
  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Quick Installation and Re-deployment
  • Transparent Operation
  • IEEE 802.3u Compliant

Typical applications:

  • Replace lower speed leased lines or radio links
  • Interconnection LAN's in campus or industrial environment
  • High bandwidth connection to the Internet
  • VoIP applications
  • Temporary installations
  • Emergency backup to cable connections


  • Immunity to radio interference
  • NO FCC licensing
  • Zero latency
  • Relocatable
  • No right of way permits
  • Network Transparency


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