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LaserVision EC0-R01 Laser Safety Glasses L-07 & L-07K
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LaserVision EC0-R01 Laser Safety Glasses L-07 & L-07K

LaserVision EC0-R01 Laser Safety Glasses L-07 & L-07K

Brand: LaserVision
Product Condition: Used
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LaserVision EC0-R01 Laser Safety Glasses L-07 & L-07K
In good condition


  • 1 x LaserVision EC0-R01 Laser Safety Glasses L-07 & L-07K
More Info:
The ECO spectacle from LASERVISION is a very small frame with high protection levels. It is available in a reinforced version only. This version R01 features an internal metal lamination and is characterised by high protection levels. Due to the small filter dimensions the field of view is slightly smaller compared to the ALL STAR and VISION frames, but for the same reason the ECO frame is more lightweight.
The frame offers the opportunity to use a snap-in corrective Rx insert. The DUOFLEX temples offer a lot of individual adjustments to the user. As an option the other wearing systems from LASERVISION like head strap, cold malleable temples and the head support systems can be used.
The ECO (models L-07 and L-07K) accepts smaller, flat glass lenses than the ALL STAR and VISION frames. While the field of view is slightly narrower, the ECO tends to weigh less - an important consideration where thick filters are necessary to achieve the protection you need. Duoflex adjustable temples provide for a comfortable fit and compatibility with several clip-in accessories. Of note are the flexible headstrap and head support system which promote comfort over an extended period by spreading the load of even the heaviest glasses. The Duoflex temples also provide for simple adjustment of both the length and angle of the spectacle arms to ensure a comfortable fit.

For those who wear prescription glasses, the ECO is available with a clip-in Rx corrective insert. The insert is a small metal frame that can be fitted with prescription lenses by an optician (Pro-Lite can supply lenses ground to your prescription upon request). The insert snaps in and out of the laser eyewear easily.

The ECO L-07K features a laminated metallic reinforcement (as denoted by the K suffix) in order to provide the highest protection levels. Remember that BS EN 207 and 208 require that the eyewear as a whole is awarded a rating that is the lower of the protection provided by the filter and frame, so the reinforced frame allows the VISION to be used with higher power lasers.

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