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Nemectron Nembrasion Professional Microdermabrasion MIcro-Dermabrasion System
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Nemectron Nembrasion Professional Microdermabrasion MIcro-Dermabrasion System Nemectron Nembrasion Professional Microdermabrasion MIcro-Dermabrasion System

Nemectron Nembrasion Professional Microdermabrasion MIcro-Dermabrasion System

Brand: Nemectron
MPN:Nembrasion Professional Microdermabrasion
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Nemectron Nembrasion Professional Microdermabrasion System

In good condition and in full working order



Microdermabrasion by Nemectron:
the professional solution for visibly younger skin
Microdermabrasion is a procedure, during which a jet stream of fine crystals, acting as abrasive particles, are blown onto the surface of the skin. The abrasion stream is directed exactly to the areas of the skin requiring treatment. The pressure of the jet stream can be adjusted.

Microdermabrasion provides an extremely fine and targeted exfoliation of the upper dermal layers.

This controlled and effective peeling is an indicated treatment for numerous skin problems. It leads to an intense local stimulation of the natural elastin and collagen production. The results include a visible regeneration of the skin and an overall refined skin texture.

Areas of Application and Treatments

  • wrinkles and crow's feet
  • sunlight damaged skin
  • pigment lesions after laser treatment
  • hyper pigmentation (increased skin coloring caused by an over-production of pigments)
  • scars after injuries or operations
  • lentigines (age spots)
  • skin rejuvenation by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin
  • scars from acne
  • pigmentation disorder
  • refining skin texture regarding dull, oily or rough skin
  • suitable for the treatment of face, neck, décolleté and body and for any skin type and skin color

Advantages of Nemectron NemBrasion

  • hygienic application due to crystals packed in sterile throwaway packages, three system filters and closed system through which the abrasive particles are transported
  • two sizes of crystals (fine and medium) for varying abrasion intensity
  • exact and very easy adjustment of all treatment parameters via membrane keyboard and easy control through digital displays
  • practical operation by means of a pedal
  • timer funktion
  • self-test and self-cleaning function
  • painless treatment
  • fast and convenient application
  • immediate resultats


Application requires a gentle movement of the handpiece across the skin surface concerned. Simultaneously, the crystals sprayed onto the skin are vacuumed by the handpiece.

The jet stream blasts as soon as the handpiece touches the skin. If the skin is interrupted, the stream stops immediately. Therefore, uncontrolled spraying of the crystals is impossible. It also allows fragile skin areas, such as the eye area, to be treated without any concern.

The abrasion crystals create a slight film on the skin surface, which can easily be vacuumed by the handpiece.

The abrasive granules consist of aluminum oxide crystals. Best treatment results can be achieved through two different sizes of crystals: medium and fine. The crystals are packed in sterile packages.

With NemBrasion, you can perform absolutely safe and clean microdermabrasion. The usage of the handpiece and the digital adjustment of all treatment parameters are very easy


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