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Nortel / Meridian Networks Intelligent Network Peripheral Module NT5D21DA
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Nortel / Meridian Networks Intelligent Network Peripheral Module NT5D21DA Nortel / Meridian Networks Intelligent Network Peripheral Module NT5D21DA Nortel / Meridian Networks Intelligent Network Peripheral Module NT5D21DA Nortel / Meridian Networks Intelligent Network Peripheral Module NT5D21DA

Nortel / Meridian Networks Intelligent Network Peripheral Module NT5D21DA

Brand: Nortel Networks
Product Condition: Used
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Nortel Networks Meridian NT5D21DA REL11 Intelligent Peripheral Equipment

In good condition

Removed From A Working Environment, no passwords or system logins known

Please note you will need to have technical knowledge on how to install and set up this phone system or have a Telecoms installer who will be able to before you can use this system.


  • NT6D80AB // Circuit Card - The NT6D80 MSDL is a multi-purpose data link card. It provides up to 4 ports TTY, AML links for Mail/Max, CCR STA terminal ports, or D-channels

  • NTCK43AB x // 2 2MB DPRI Card
  • NT6D73AA // Option 11 Multi-Purpose ISDN Signalling Processor MISP Card

  • NT8D17HA // XCT Conference TDS Card
  • QPC414C // Network Dual Port Adapter
  • NT8D04BA // Superloop Network Card
  • NTRB33AD // Fiber Junctor Interface FIJI Card
  • QPC43R // Peripheral Signalling Card - (''Provides a signaling interface between the CPU and PE through the network cards. Provides basic bit rate 2.048 MHz clock and timing signals for real-time functions.'')
  • QPC441F // 3-Port Extender 3PE Card - (''Port 0 on the 3PE card in each Core/Network Module extends the interprocessor bus to the interface section on the backplane, not to a network loop.'')

  • NT5D03PB - CP 6060E / 160MB - 64 FLASH / 64 DRAM
  • NT5D61AB - 10DU/C

Digital Line Card:

A digital line card is an intelligent peripheral equipment (IPE) device which can be installed in the IPE module. It provides 16 voice and 16 data communication links between a Meridian 1 switch and modular digital telephones.

The digital line card supports voice only or simultaneous voice and data service over a single twisted pair of standard telephone wiring. When a Meridian digital telephone is equipped with the data option, an asynchronous ASCII terminal, or a PC acting as an asynchronous ASCII terminal, can be connected to the system through the digital telephone.

Physical description:

Digital line cards are housed in the Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) Modules. Up to 16 cards are supported.

The digital line card circuitry is mounted on a 31.75 cm by 25.40 cm (12.5 in by 10 in) double-sided printed circuit board. The card connects to the backplane through a 160-pin edge connector. The faceplate of the digital line card is equipped with a red LED that lights when the card is disabled.

When the card is installed, the LED remains lit for two to five seconds as a self-test runs. If the self-test completes successfully, the LED flashes three times and remains lit until the card is configured and enabled in software, then the LED goes out. If the LED continually flashes or remains weakly lit, replace the card.

Functional description:

The digital line card is equipped with 16 identical digital line interfaces. Each interface provides a multiplexed voice, data, and signaling path to and from a digital terminal (telephone) over a 2-wire full duplex 512 kHz Time Compression Multiplexed (TCM) digital link. Each digital telephone and associated data terminal is assigned a separate Terminal Number (TN) in the system database, giving a total of 32 addressable units per card.

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