Pro-Bel Sirius Video Router Switcher Switch - Broadcast Broadcasting AV

MPN: Sirius Video Router Switcher Switch - Broadcast Broadcasting AV
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Pro-Bel Sirius 7U Video Router Switcher With HD Crosspoint In good condition and in full working order Free FAST Worldwide UPS delivery Included
Pro-Bel Sirius Type 6537 Cha...

Pro-Bel Sirius 7U Video Router Switcher With HD Crosspoint

In good condition and in full working order

Pro-Bel Sirius Type 6537 Chassis


  • 2 x PA-Pro-004 Power Supplies – R22081R
  • 1 x 1932 Fan Module – WS426
  • 1 x 2434 Control Card – WK812 (w/ 2442 daughter card – WK883)
  • 4 x 3907 Crosspoint Card - WK997
  • 12 x 3994 Input Card – 55326
  • 15 x 3996 Video Output Card – MO230
  • 15 x 1764 8-Port Output Card – WM051
  • 12 x 1762 8-Port Input Card – WM050

As the migration from analogue to digital television broadcasting gathers momentum, many stations are experiencing the need to handle an increasing variety of signal formats. Audio and standard definition video commonly occur in both analogue and digital formats, along with high definition video in its 1.485Gb/s uncompressed state.

While a ‘clean sheet’ approach with all new digital equipment might sound attractive, it is not a feasible solution in many cases due to the existing capital investment in analogue equipment together with the need to simulcast the traditional analogue channels. In making the changes needed to support the new technology alongside the old, however, broadcasters are understandably reluctant to make capital acquisitions which are not perceived to offer full value in the ultimate all-digital future.

In this mixed signal environment, a routing switcher which delivered the appropriate signal format to each destination, irrespective of its source, would be a major advantage, especially if source and destination interfaces could be upgraded in economical units as requirements changed over time.

Pro-Bel pioneered the use of ‘in router’ conversion for audio in its Freeway range of routers, introduced in sizes up to 64 x 64 in 1997. Such was the industry’s approval of the ability to route analogue audio sources to digital destinations and vice versa that, in designing Sirius, a new router family for sizes up to 256 x 256 on 16RU, Pro-Bel took up the challenge to provide this feature, not only for audio, but for standard definition video too. Furthermore, Sirius can also switch high definition video at 1.485Gb/s as well as nonvideo serial streams up to 360Mb/s or higher.
Universal Crosspoints
The key to Sirius' flexibility in handling multiple signal types is its universal digital crosspoint switch. All signals are converted into digits before switching and the crosspoint array is capable of routing any media signal, subject to a maximum bit-rate limit. Suitable crosspoints have been developed in integrated form for the telecommunications industry and, due to the enormous quantities consumed in that application, the broadcast industry is able to take advantage of these sophisticated products at an acceptable price.

That being said, bandwidth costs money and so Sirius offers two alternative digital crosspoints. The first is capable of switching signals up to 360Mb/s which includes all of the digital video bit-rates specified by SMPTE 259M as well as AES3 digital audio and converted analogue composite video and converted analogue stereo audio. The second crosspoint type has extended bandwidth to include high definition serial digital video at 1.485Gb/s in addition to all of the previously listed formats. To achieve its full capacity, Sirius uses up to four crosspoint modules, each capable of switching any of the inputs to a group of outputs. It is not essential to fit all four modules, a small system can start with just one. It is also possible to mix the high definition and standard definition cards, accepting, of course, that HDTV outputs can only be provided from the high bandwidth crosspoint.


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    Sirius Video Router Switcher Switch - Broadcast Broadcasting AV

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