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Quantum StorNext M660 21.6Tb 2 Node 1 Shelf Storage System Array 24x 900Gb
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Quantum StorNext M660 21.6Tb 2 Node 1 Shelf Storage System Array 24x 900Gb Quantum StorNext M660 21.6Tb 2 Node 1 Shelf Storage System Array 24x 900Gb Quantum StorNext M660 21.6Tb 2 Node 1 Shelf Storage System Array 24x 900Gb Quantum StorNext M660 21.6Tb 2 Node 1 Shelf Storage System Array 24x 900Gb

Quantum StorNext M660 21.6Tb 2 Node 1 Shelf Storage System Array 24x 900Gb

Brand: Quantum
Product Condition: New
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Quantum StorNext M660 Storage Array




  • 2 x Quantum StorNext M660 (Dell R520) Server Nodes

With the following specification

  • 2 x Intel Xeon SIX-CORE 2.40GHz E5-2430 Processors
  • 144Gb RAM (6 x 8Gb, 6 x 16Gb)
  • 2 x 500Gb 7.2k SATA Hot Plug Hard Drives
  • H310 RAID Controller
  • iDRAC7 Enterprise
  • 8-Port External 6Gbps SAS Host Bus Adapter 12DNW
  • Dual-Port 10GbE X520-DA2 Network Adapter FTKMT
  • DVD-ROM Optical Drive
  • 2 x 750w Power Supplies
  • Rack Mount Rails
  • Quantum Branded Front Bezel
  • 1 x NetApp E2600 Hard Drive Array 5350 0834


  • 24 x NetApp 900Gb 10k 6Gbps SAS Hard Drives 47776-02
  • 2 x NetApp 2-Port Ethernet Drive Module I/F-6 46482-00
  • 2 x 585w Power Supplies
  • 1 x Pair of Rack Mount Rails

From genomic research to seismic exploration to post-production for feature films, customers across industries are experiencing tremendous growth in digital assets. These large-scale media and data files are generated at high rates, are often difficult or impossible to recreate, and have great value to the business. Increasingly, large data sets and rich digital content are also showing up in the enterprise, government agencies, and other organizations that are less experienced in managing the huge numbers of files and the capacity they require. Built on the power of the StorNext® 5 platform, Quantum’s StorNext Appliances are purpose-built for managing these extreme data environments with scalable, high-performance solutions that are cost effective and easy to manage. Central to controlling the StorNext environment are the StorNext M440 and StorNext M660XL Metadata Appliances.

Built for the demands of large-scale media and data workflows, the StorNext Metadata Appliances are best-of-breed in storage scalability and performance. The StorNext Metadata Appliances create shared data pools and provide ultra-fast concurrent access by multiple users across the SAN and LAN. This eliminates the need for multiple copies of the same file, reduces storage space, simplifies production workflows, and enables faster project completion.

StorNext Metadata Appliances can be combined with StorNext’s policy-based storage tiering to give customers virtually unlimited space. Lower-priority data is migrated to less expensive storage tiers—disk or tape—while remaining accessible through the StorNext File System’s global namespace. The StorNext Metadata Appliances are archive-ready for integration with the StorNext AEL Archive and StorNext Storage Manager. StorNext solutions provide performance and scalability while significantly lowering total cost of ownership relative to traditional storage approaches.

All StorNext Metadata Appliances include dual metadata controller nodes, a dedicated metadata array, and factory-installed and licensed software—engineered, tested, and certified by Quantum. Powered by StorNext 5, all metadata appliances include ten StorNext File System SAN client licenses for Linux, Windows, or UNIX, a High Availability license for failover, and a Distributed Data Mover (DDM) license to extend archive performance. The StorNext M445 SSD also features solid-state disk drives for enhanced metadata operation, with performance improvements of up to 8x. The StorNext M660XL appliance also includes dual gateway licenses for high-speed LAN access.


  • Scalability: Up to 5 billion in unmanaged file systems, Up to 1 billion in managed file systems, 8 or 16 file systems
  • Metadata Storage: Dedicated high performance metadata array
  • Optional Metadata Expansion: Yes, additional disk for metadata
  • High-Availability: Dual metadata controllers with automatic failover, RAID 1, Redundant power supplies, Redundant cooling fans, 4GB mirrored RAID battery backed cache, Redundant Fibre Channel Ports Redundant Fibre Channel Ports Redundant Fibre Channel Ports
  • Form Factor: 6U total height, Rack-mountable
  • Connectivity: Quad 8Gb FC per metadata controller
  • Client OS Support: Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Mac OS
  • Power Consumption: 1100 watts (Base system), 1350 watts (Base system and expansion kit)
  • Operating Temperature: 50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C)
  • Power Input: NEMA 5-15P, CEE 7/7
  • Input Voltage: 100 to 240VAC
  • Frequency: 50 to 60Hz

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System Serial Number CX1339CKB00028 - Quantum Support Cancer Research UK Surrey till 17/12/14
LA 99350 99351 - TAGS 8G138Y1 8G1581Y - DUP W/ SVRS
LA 99352 - DUP W/ SHELF

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