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Rohde & Schwarz UPL16 B4/B6/B8/B10 Audio Analyzer DC to 110 kHz Rackmount R&S
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Rohde & Schwarz UPL16 B4/B6/B8/B10 Audio Analyzer DC to 110 kHz Rackmount R&S Rohde & Schwarz UPL16 B4/B6/B8/B10 Audio Analyzer DC to 110 kHz Rackmount R&S Rohde & Schwarz UPL16 B4/B6/B8/B10 Audio Analyzer DC to 110 kHz Rackmount R&S Rohde & Schwarz UPL16 B4/B6/B8/B10 Audio Analyzer DC to 110 kHz Rackmount R&S

Rohde & Schwarz UPL16 B4/B6/B8/B10 Audio Analyzer DC to 110 kHz Rackmount R&S

Brand: Rohde & Schwarz
MPN:UPL16 B4/B6/B9/B10 1078.2008.16
Product Condition: Used
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Rohde & Schwarz R&S SMF 100A 1 - 22GHz Signal Generator 1167.0000.02 Tester R&S

In very good condition and full working order

Audio Analyzer, DC to 110 kHz

Unit with options:

B4 = Remote Control for IEC625/IEEE-488 and RS232

B6 = Extended analysis functions

B8 = Mobile Phone Test Set

B10 = Universal Sequence Controller

Audio analyzer for GSM mobiles, DC to 110 KHz, 2 channels, analog and digital input, colour TFT display, GPIB.

Compact instrument for audio measurements at analog and digital interfaces.

Audio Analyzer UPL performs practically all types of analog measurement, from frequency response measurements through to externally controlled sweeps with reference traces, determination of 3rd-order difference frequency distortion, spectral display of demodulated wow and flutter signals, etc.

In contrast to many other audio analyzers, UPL is capable of performing real dual-channel measurements in the audio-frequency range, i.e. there is no need for switchover between two inputs and this facility is not limited to a few special cases.

The generator is every bit as versatile:

It supplies any conceivable signal from sinewave and noise signals through to multi-sinewave signals comprising up to 7400 frequencies.

In addition to all this, UPL features excellent technical data:

Analog sine-wave generation with harmonics of typ. -120 dB, spectrum displays with a noise floor below -140 dB for analog and -160 dB for digital interfaces, FFT with a maximum frequency resolution of 0.05 Hz, etc.

UPL provides signal monitoring via loudspeaker during the test, jitter measurements on digital audio signals, resynchronization of jittered digital audio signals by means of a jitter-free clock signal, and many more features.

Audio Analyzer R&S UPL16 has the same superior analysis concept as all members of the R&S UPL family. The instrument is able to handle both analog and digital processing. It carries out practically all types of measurement in the audio range from frequency response measurements to distortion measurements, FFT analysis, etc.

The R&S UPL16 is especially designed for acoustical tests on GSM mobiles.

It is equipped with the digital audio interface (DAI) as defined in GSM phase 2 recommendation 11.10, section 36.4.

Thanks to this interface the R&S UPL16 can act as a system simulator or simulate a mobile.

General benefits UPL:

Compact instrument with integrated PC

Wide variety of test functions and numerous test signals for performing virtually all measurement tasks

Versatile analysis thanks to internal FFT analyzer of wide dynamic range and high frequency resolution

New test functions can be loaded from diskette

Any number of digital filters, also for analog measurements

Maximum dynamic range for the analysis of high-grade components

Intelligent operator guidance and context-sensitive help system in

German and English

Mnemonic analysis and generation of channel status data of digital audio interfaces

Measurement/generation of protocol errors at digital interfaces

Variety of sweep functions

More than 10 weighting filters highpass, lowpass, bandpass filters


Built-in Digital Audio Interface DAI

Test cases according to 3GPP TS 51.010-1

All kinds of analog and digital test signals including artificial voice

Measurements in analog and digital domain

UPL16 is part of Type Approval System TS8916

UPL16 + CRTx or CMU for type approval measurements

Validated measurements via Air Interface with option UPL-B9

Option B4:

Remote Control :

Enables remote control via the RS-232-C interface or the IEC/IEEE-bus interface (IEC 625/IEEE 488)

Option B6:

Extended Analysis Functions:

Coherence and transfer functions, rub & buzz measurement, third-octave analysis

Option B8

UMTS/GSM mobile phone test cases:

Validated Mobile Phone Tests for air interface tests according to 3GPP TS 26.132

Option B10:

Universal Sequence Controller:

Enables measurement sequences to be generated and executed with the aid of a built-in program generator

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