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Splicecom Maximiser 4140 - Remote Call Server Telephone Phone System
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Splicecom Maximiser 4140 - Remote Call Server Telephone Phone System

Brand: Splicecom
Product Condition: Used
Excluding VAT: £237.50
Including VAT:£285.00
Splicecom Maximiser 4140 - Remote Call Server Telephone Phone System


In good condition, removed from a working environment



  • Analogue: 8 x RJ45 extensions. Supports standard analogue (POTS) telephones, fax machines and modems.
  • Integral LEDs for Off-Hook and Ringing.
  • BT SIN 227/242 support for Caller Display.
  • 44V rms nominal Ringing Voltage.
  • 48V nominal On-Hook voltage.
  • 0-24V Off-Hook voltage.
  • 25mA Off-Hook current.
  • Quad Basic Rate ISDN S/T: 4 x RJ45 ETSI S/T interfaces CTR3 for Pan European Connection. Supports TE and NT modes. 2 x Basic Rate ISDN interfaces enabled by license.
    Fractional Primary Rate ISDN S/T (15 Channels): 1 x RJ45 ETSI interface CTR4 for Pan European Connection. Supports DPNSS, TE and NT modes. Enabled by license.
  • WAN: 1 x 15 pin D-type (V.11, for point-to-point data connections). Operates at speeds up to and including 2.048 Mbps.
  • Self Clocking mode supported.
  • LAN: 1 x RJ45 port, dual speed, 10/100 Mbps FDX Ethernet interface
  • External Output: 2 x 3.5mm jack sockets to drive two external door release relays.
  • External Input: 2 x Mini-DIN sockets to accept inputs from external alarm systems.
  • Protocols PPP, Multi-Link PPP, MLCP,PAP, CHAP, DHCP, IP, TCP, IPCP, RTP, RTCP, LDAP, H.323, H.450, G.711, G.729a*, HTML, PHP, DNS, TAPI
  • 2.2 (3.0), 802.3af, DiffServ, 802.1p, DPNSS

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