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Star TSP700II - USB - High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer POS EPOS - TSP743IIU
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Star TSP700II - USB - High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer POS EPOS - TSP743IIU Star TSP700II - USB - High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer POS EPOS - TSP743IIU Star TSP700II - USB - High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer POS EPOS - TSP743IIU Star TSP700II - USB - High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer POS EPOS - TSP743IIU

Star TSP700II - USB - High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer POS EPOS - TSP743IIU

Brand: Star
Product Condition: Used
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Star TSP700II - High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer POS EPOS - TSP743IIU
Tested and in full working order
Comes with AC adapter
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  • Included:-

1 x Star TSP700II High Speed, HQ Receipt Printers with Barcode, Ticket Functions

Printer Description
Building on the industry success of the TSP700 from Star Micronics, with a print speed of 48 receipts per minute (250mm/sec), the TSP700II is the best single station printer you can expect. The TSP700II now features a double resolution mode to increase sharpness to any graphic! Eye catching graphics for company logos and/or coupons are a print away. Its improved and sleeker design features a new top cover which extends to the edge of the printer making it more difficult for dust and liquids to penetrate and harm the printer. In addition to the extended cover, sound and vibration dampening channels within the printer help reduce printing noise and also add an extra layer of protection from moisture or dust when used in harsher environments. The TSP700II is ideal for high-volume retail establishments like lottery, grocery stores, healthcare, banking, and restaurants.
With high print speed, high reliability, black mark label support and vertical mounting support; Star's TSP700II WebPRNT and TSP700II BTi Label are ideal for servicing label printing in a variety of applications ranging from date labels on prepared foods at a local deli to price labels in a retail boutique. Both TSP700II WebPRNT and TSP700II BTi Label support 2D barcodes, PD417 and QR codes.
With WebPRNT technology, the TSP700II WebPRNT makes label printing from a web-based application fast and easy. In addition, TSP700II BTi Label includes the ability to print receipts or data from a web browser-based application running on a mobile device wirelessly by configuring Star's WebPRNT Browser. Once configured, the user simply pairs their mobile device to the TSP700II BTi Label, open the application on WebPRNT Browser and prints from the application. For dedicated wireless label printing, Star's TSP700II BTi Label is Apple MFi certified to support all iDevices such as iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® in addition to Android and Windows devices.


Ultra High Speed

Can print 48 six inch receipts per minute (250 mm/sec)

High Reliability

MCBF: 60 Million Lines

Ultra Reliable Guillotine Auto Cutter

MCBF: 2 Million Cuts

Small Foot Print

Save precious counter space

"Drop In & Print" Paper Loading

Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading

Apple MFi certified Bluetooth Interface Provides dedicated wireless label printing via Apple MFi certified Bluetooth with support for iOS devices such as iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® in addition to Android and Windows devices
WebPRNT Ethernet Interface Enables Printing from Web-based Applications Via HTTP Requests

Swappable Interface Connections

Future interface upgrades are fast and simple to do. With swappable interfaces, there's no need to purchase a new printer just to upgrade the connection

Included Interface Cover

Helps protect cables from being damaged on the counter top

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Use the printer in the orientation that suits you best

Spill / Dust Proof Design

Foam inserts in the printer cavity, a new cover, and removable sticker over the rear feed slot are just some of the new features to help protect the printer and paper from damage from moisture or airborne debris

Rear Feed Slot

Use a larger paper roll mounted behind the printer by feeding it externally through the rear feed slot

Double Resolution Mode

Increase resolution to 406 x 203 dpi for beautifully crisp and clear graphics and bar codes

2D Bar Code Printing

2D bar codes store more information than traditional 1D types and replicate the data multiple times for better scanning reliability. PD417 and QR Code are supported

Wall Mountable

Need more counter space? Create more room by mounting the printer to the wall

Maintenance Counter

Keep track of how many times the auto cutter has cut and the distance that the print head has printed for hardware performance measurables

Digitally Signed Driver (WHQL)

Certified by Microsoft for worry free operation

Installation CD Included in Box

No need to download drivers or utilities

Innovative Value Add Receipt Design Software

Customize and brand receipts to keep customers coming back time and time again with professional graphics (logos, coupons, and merge images)

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