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Teleste DVX001 6U Rackmount Installation Frame for Optical Modules,TV Receiving
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Teleste DVX001 6U Rackmount Installation Frame for Optical Modules,TV Receiving

Brand: Teleste
Product Condition: Used
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Teleste DVX001 6U Rackmount Installation Frame for Optical Modules

In good condition
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  • 1 x Teleste DVX001 6U Rackmount Installation Frame for Optical Modules

Ver.A 47....1000MHz,

The DVX 001 and DVX 002 are 19” installation frames /sub-racks for the DVX series modules. The aluminium die-cast housing together with the vertical positioning of the installed modules provide optimal cooling and ventilation giving a very clear and reliable overall system. The need for interconnection cables is minimised by equipping the frame with a passive base plate containing both power and data bus connections.

The DVX 001 has an inbuilt RF broadband combiner for handling the output of the signal processing DVX -series modules.  The RS-485 data bus provides a direct connection to the DVX modules thus allowing both local and remote controlling of the system using the Commander software or the DVX 011 programming unit.


Installation frame/ sub rack for the
DVX series modules
Installation in a standard 19”
installation cabinet or directly on a
Place for 10 DVX modules and a DVP
power supply (12 module positions)
Allows both local and remote
controlling of the DVX system
Logical DVX bus connection to other
installation frames in the system
Data bus address setting
Signal combiner with excellent RF-
performance and shielding (DVX 001)
Robust and reliable mechanics
Parameter Value Unit Remarks
RF Input
Impedance  75 ohm
Return loss 18 dB  -1.5 dB/oct. 44...862 MHz
Number of inputs 11 pcs
RF Output
Impedance 75 ohm
Return loss 18 dB -1.5 dB/oct. 44...862 MHz
Number of outputs 1 piece
RF Transfer
Frequency range 44 - 862
Insertion loss 20 dB
Flatness ± 1 dB
Isolation between inputs 30 dB Inputs 1...6 / 1...6
Isolation between inputs 40 dB Inputs 1...6 / 7...11
Number of module places 12 pcs 7 HP units
Number of module places 10 pcs With power supply
EMC compatibility EN50083-2
Operating temperature  -10...+60 °C
Specifications met +5...+55 °C
Connectors F
Dimensions 6U*19”*240 mm height*width*depth
Weight 3.5 kg


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PE 96177, 96178, 96179,.3/3/2014

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